Make daily bath a joy!


Turn bath time into a relaxing and entertaining moment for both parents and kids with the below tips:

1.Bring play time to bath time

Let your kids to pick which bath toys they want to play with. Toys are not just for entertainment but they can also help build your child’s other skills. For example, your kid can practice washing different parts of his toys in order to build good bathing habits.

2.Storytelling, Reading, Singing

Create a fascinating story that will keep him distracted or read one of his favorite books. Sing together or let your kid teach you new tunes that may has learned from his friends. You’ll be surprised from how many things you can learn from a kid!

3.Encourage self-care

Show your kids how to wash themselves and only provide help when needed. Give them the necessary bath amenities such as bubble baths, sponges, etc. and let them discover the way to wash themselves. Indeed, you will be there to supervise them, but your child will feel confident and confident about his moves.

4.Distract his attention

If your kid is afraid of water, it’s important to create a safe place before bathing.

Try place him into an empty tub before you fill with water. In the meantime, you can decorate the bathroom with his favorite colors or items such as sponges, towels, etc. to create a familiar place.

Remember that children may not be willing to comply with orders. Usually, children disobey when they feel tensions from their parents. When your kids constantly refuse to make bath, be compassionate and create the feeling that bath is part of play time.

Last but not least, don’t forget to use gentle cleansing products, specially designed for children, that won’t irritate the sensitive and delicate skin of your little ones.

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So while your kids are having fun getting clean, parents can feel safe that the tender skin of their little ones is cared for.

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